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Why do I need someone to manage my GMB?

1. To Get Higher Rankings—this is always a desired outcome because higher rankings will give you increased reach, driving more customers to your business, and to achieve it you have to actively manage your GMB page, which you as a business owner may not have time to personally do.
2. To share updated information—this is a massive advantage of actively managing your GMB page. When potential customers make local search queries, they look for things like directions, photos, opening hours, closing hours, and more. While your local business is listed online, it’s important to keep all that information updated. Failure to do so will create a negative reputation for your brand.
3. To promote your latest offers and deals—sharing these details with potential customers is a great way to increase reach and interest in your brand.
4. To engage with customers—this is the best way to increase your chances of conversion, and constantly engaging customers isn’t something you as a business owner likely have time to do yourself, but someone hired to do so can handle them all day long. This engagement includes things like asking for reviews and subsequently responding to them, as well as answering questions customers may have.
5. To check analytics—this is absolutely vital to the success of your business on a local scale, because it’s how you check the performance of the SEO you have implemented into your GMB page. GMB provides a lot of information about how customers find and interact with your listing, as well as a number of other detailed statistics. Your time is better spent on other aspects of your business, though, and these stats can be expressed to you through your GMB manager’s reports.
6. Manageability—while GMB isn’t exceptionally technical, it can be rough for beginners and small business owners who already have a lot on their plate. You can, of course, always check your GMB dashboard to see all of your data yourself, but allowing someone else to take over the management for you will save you valuable time in the long run.

Other questions you might have

Managing takes too much time off your busy schedule, let us do that for you!

You might think it’s as simple as entering your business name, address, and phone number and calling it a day – but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are so many different elements involved in a full optimization of your GMB listing – including but not limited to adding photos, Q&A’s, services, categories, and reviews. And it’s not just a one and done thing, either – Google wants you to regularly (as in weekly) be updating and optimizing your GMB listing.

It sounds like a lot because it is!

You got bigger fish to fry to get in contact with us today.

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