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Strategies for Marketing Your Dog Training Business

Updated: May 11

A Dutch Shepard Dog As Inspiration for LCR-K9 Training of DFW's Logo

This case study will cover the goals, solutions, and results for our client, LCR-K9 Training of DFW, a premier dog training service in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Goals & Objectives

LCR-K9 Training of DFW wanted to establish their brand online to showcase their work and generate leads. Before starting with us, their only source of leads was word of mouth from their clients. The owner, Brian, wanted to expand their reach and market the company online to people looking for a dog trainer or dog boarding option that specializes in behavior modification for their pup.

Strategies for Marketing Your Dog Training Business

Estrada Marketing & Axer Strategies worked with LCR-K9 Training of DFW to create a custom marketing strategy to generate a steady flow of customers and establish an online brand showcasing their previous clients. Here is what the strategy called for:

Logo Creation using Canva

The client was looking for a striking and memorable logo with a German Shepard and Western Font. We felt that we needed to start with this fundamental piece of branding for his business. Our brief consisted of the following questions & answers: Who's the company's target market? Dog owners who are in need of basic & advanced dog obedience training in the DFW Metroplex & neighboring states.

What should the logo focus on?

The logo should focus on being distinctive & unique while communicating what the business is.

What kind of imagery do they want to portray? The imagery they wanted to portray was a farm, vintage look to the logo. They asked for a modern & western logo that was direct & to the point.

What existing logos do you like? and why? This gave us a solid direction for our initial drafts. The examples are shown below:

We created a logo using The platform allowed us to create various versions of the logo in different formats and let the client navigate a user-friendly creative interface.

By creating a custom logo that was distinct, memorable, and direct, we set the client up for growth. With a logo in place, they were ready to start building their brand identity with customers.

Website Creation on Google My Business

LCR-K9 Training of DFW didn't have a website, which meant there was nowhere for customers to easily find their contact information or anything about their previous success stories. In addition, customers today expect legitimate companies to have a website and question the legitimacy of those without one. For this client, we determined they didn’t need a full-blown website; rather, they could utilize Google My Business to create a free website with all the information their potential clients were looking for. Estrada Marketing first set up and verified their Google My Business profile, then created an SEO-rich website that is straightforward, easy to navigate and features all their Google reviews.

Business Cards

Even in the digital age, a quality business card is a must-have. Not only does it convey important contact information - including the website - but oftentimes it is a potential customer's first exposure to the overall image of the business. Estrada Marketing created a business card for LCR-K9 that was professional and modern that was consistent with this logo. We chose thicker cards than is typical in order to reinforce the potential customer’s perception of quality and value.

LCR-K9 Training of DFW Business Cards

Timeline For Executing Our Plan

This timeline shows how Estrada Marketing tackled the execution of the above strategy. The timeline describes the process of kickstarting their business and presents how we reached LCR's goals throughout 2022.

Timeline of LCR-K9 Training Brand Development

Marketing Tech-Stack

The right suite of marketing technology tools helps us better achieve client goals and accurately trace customer journeys. These are the tools we used to execute our plan for LCR-K9 Training.

  • Canva is the tool we used to create LCR-K9’s logo. They offer a simple and easy to use logo maker that doesn’t require a huge learning curve. Canva has a huge selection of templates to choose from, all of which can be customized to fit the client’s vision. This made it easier for Estrada Marketing and Axer Strategies to create a customized, professional logo for LCR-K9.

  • Semrush offers a variety of helpful tools, but the ones we focused on for LCR-K9 Training of DFW were Keyword Research & Social Media Post Tracking. Using these two tools helped us understand what the company’s target audience was searching for - in this case, “Dog Training/Boarding”. We used that information to better target LCR-K9’s content on social media channels.

Project Outcome

LCR-K9 Training of DFW ended up with a professional logo, a better understanding of their potential customers, and a professional website that requires minimal effort on their part to maintain. Their job is to continue to publish content on Instagram, Facebook, and Google My Business. From there, the website will automatically update itself to include those same social media posts. With an established, clear identity and a professional web presence, it is much easier for LCR-K9 to differentiate itself from its competitors.

One downside to placing all your eggs in the Google basket is that the site can get blipped from existence within 2 seconds. AND THERE IS NO UNDO BUTTON!

More on how we recovered this client’s Google My Business after it was accidentally deleted here.


Below, we will show the analytic measures to see all their customer's actions, phone calls, website visits, etc:


Our Review of this Project

Estrada Marketing established LCR-K9 Training of DFW’s core brand and digital footprint. By using Google My Business, we created a single solution for web presence, excellent searchability, and client communication. The client was excited to see an immediate increase in customer traffic and sales without spending any money on paid advertising.

If you’re just starting out and looking for help with creating a brand identity, strategies for marketing your dog training business or setting up your digital marketing, contact Estrada Marketing today

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